Target and Content of the Conference

        As we embrace an increasingly digital and technical world, the management and services of libraries have been changing, as well as the way that users seek and utilize information. The introduction of digital resources, mobile services, social network, and cloud services bring us opportunities, while challenges also exist. Libraries should thrive in such an environment and reach the goal of sustainable development. Therefore library experts gather to discuss efficient management, multifunctional library space, a skilled and engaged workforce, and the pathway to an ideal university library.

Conference Theme

Library Directors’ Summit: Round Table(By Invitation Only)

        What is an ideal university library in the future? What does it look like? What types of challenges exist now? How can sustainable development be promoted? Library directors from elite universities will address these topics by analyzing the current challenges we all face, share successful practices, and describe the vision for the library of the future. It is hoped that the consensus on the concept of ‘the ideal library’ can be reached. The consensus includes the crucial development dimension, key factors, and the approaches of building an ideal academic library, thus, to help expand the services of academic libraries and to achieve sustainability.